Cenovus Energy to Sponsor GLOBE 2014

We’re pleased to welcome Cenovus Energy as a sponsor of GLOBE. Cenovus Energy integrates environmental considerations into its operations in order to better tackle environmental challenges. It aims to use, recycle and dispose of water safely, manage air emissions, limit its physical footprint, and minimize its impact on habitat. It is continually looking for ways to improve its environmental performance. The company is guided by five environmental commitments:


  1. “Taking care of the environment is part of what we do”
  2. “We incorporate environmental considerations when planning our work”
  3. “Through innovation and efficiency, we limit our impacts on air, land and water resources”
  4. “Our activities are temporary, we conserve resources and reclaim impacts”
  5. “We take actions to continually improve our environmental performance”

Learn more about Cenovus Energy’s sustainability commitments.