Today’s  economy presents many challenges for the developers and users of innovative technologies and processes. Corporate and public leaders are seeking to add value and maintain viable operations while adapting to social requirements and expectations. The need for change is often balanced by the risks associated with employing new or innovative technologies and processes. By reducing risk, business leaders and public organizations are in a better position to make sustainability central to their operations.

GLOBE Performance Solutions aims to reduce this risk by providing a credible third-party platform to  verify  and report  on the performance of new environmental technologies. Our mission is to strengthen long-term performance through improved efficiency, quality and accountability.

Reliable information is the key driver. Leading organizations understand the importance of accounting for, and reporting on, the real costs of operations, products and services in order to better address risks and create long-term value. In the process of becoming more sustainable, they are demanding innovative, forward-thinking solutions that can address complicated and interrelated challenges.

These organizations want to benefit from innovations that reduce costs and risks, while increasing profitability and shareholder value. This requires products and services with quality-assured performance that transcends green labels.

GLOBE Performance Solutions supports this mission by using an interactive online platform that includes:

>  Online engagement reaching beyond conventional marketing channels, using web-based tools to help advance innovative products and technologies.

>  Validation of performance using a network of qualified organizations with the facilities and expertise to conduct independent reviews of technology performance based on internationally accepted standards and procedures.

>  Advice on sustainable performance metrics and how to benefit from innovative technology-based solutions.

>  Access to innovative financing models for clean technologies and eco-efficiency projects in order to meet sustainability goals.

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Press Release – Oct.24, 2012 (PDF)
GLOBE Performance Solutions Brochure (PDF)
GLOBE Performance Solutions Brochure – French (PDF)