Photo of Dr. John Wiebe
Dr. John Wiebe

John established the GLOBE Foundation in 1993. Our in-house expert on environmental business and the application of sustainability principles to business ventures, he was recognized in 2011 as one of Canada’s Clean16, naming him one of 16 individuals who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

John has managed projects and advised governments and corporations in all parts of the world for the past 30 years. Until May of 2005 he was also the President & CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and until April of 2007 was Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Education Centre Network and Global Schools Inc. He has been a senior executive with the Government of Canada and served on the National Roundtable on Environment and the Economy where he chaired the Capital Markets taskforce. He is a past Chair of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission and a past Director of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, the McCrae Institute, Desert Gold Corporation, Boltons Capital Corp. Tonbridge Power Corp. and on the Advisory Boards of the Simon Fraser University Business School, the Banff School of Management and the East West Center.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Green Table Network and as a Director of West Mountain Capital Corp., Advantage BC, and Eco Canada, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Ecosystem Restoration Associates Ltd. Though his travel commitments don’t leave much spare time, he enjoys spending whatever’s left with friends and colleagues on the golf course.

Photo of Nancy Wright
Nancy Wright
Vice President, Marketing

A.K.A. “John’s Right Hand Man”, Nancy is well versed in all GLOBE activities and projects having been with the GLOBE Group since 1993. Working primarily on the strategic side of GLOBE, she also project manages numerous events and steers the overall marketing and corporate sponsorship activities of the companies. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, Nancy has been able to apply her passion for science, ecology and sustainability to her work while blending in a business acumen and marketing concentration. Featured periodically on Global TV BC shamelessly pimping out our clients’ green products and promoting a sustainable, ‘eco-chic’ lifestyle, she’s your gal if you need tips on greening your home, cosmetics, or pretty much anything, really.  She’s particularly knowledgeable on organic wines… hmmm, how did she gain such knowledge?

Photo of Freddie Frankling
Freddie Frankling
Vice President, International Relations

Our international man-at-large, Freddie has successfully completed numerous projects in North America, Europe and Asia having worked for a range of clients and diverse stakeholders including corporations, governments, international institutes and universities. His work on the GLOBE Series, the Environment & Energy Conference (EECO) Series, World Urban Forum III, and 3rd World Water Forum to name a few, coupled with his work with the UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre and others, has resulted in unparalleled expertise in project management and event delivery. Freddie has also provided outreach communication and technical assistance to Dalian University of Technology in China and Chinese cement companies to identify and adopt cleaner production practices. With GLOBE since its inception in 1990, Freddie has a Master of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and an Honours degree in Science from University College Cork in Ireland. He travels frequently back and forth between Vancouver and Ireland, where we strongly suspect his ‘home office’ might be his favourite booth at the nearby pub…

Photo of Frank Came
Frank Came
Senior Advisor

Frank has been with the GLOBE Group since its inception and holds extensive experience in the environmental and sustainable development sectors, both in business and government. His extensive acumen includes Project Director for the West Coast Clean Economy Report (prepared for the Pacific Coast Collaborative), and for the Canadian Clean Energy Technology Insight Report, prepared for the National Research Council of Canada. He also completed a consulting project for GLOBE Advisors on behalf of UN-HABITAT to establish an International Urban Training Centre in Gangwon Province in South Korea. Frank is the author of major reports on the environmental technologies and services sector and is the Editor of our GLOBE-Net news portal, as well as President of the BC Environment Industries Association.  He has served in senior positions in the federal Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council Office; and was a Director General at Western Economic Diversification Canada. A genius writer and unwavering diplomat, Frank’s work touches nearly all of our GLOBE projects in some shape or form.

Photo of Cindy Leung
Cindy Leung
Director of Finance and Administration

Cindy is a Certified Management Accountant and has been with the GLOBE Group since 2007. Her extensive experience in business development, accounting, finance and auditing has served her well in her role at GLOBE where she focuses on budgeting, project administration and overall financial responsibilities. Spearheading human resources and office management to boot, her plate is full. In her spare time (what spare time??), she volunteers at Stratford Hall independent school in East Vancouver, which by the way, she co-founded. Pretty cool for a bean counter…

Photo of Paul Shorthouse
Paul Shorthouse
Director, Research & Strategic Planning

Paul joined the GLOBE team in 2009 and has over 10 years of experience working in the environment industry. He manages a number of comprehensive projects via GLOBE Advisors related to the “green economy”, with the goal to identify sustainable economic development strategies, increase investment, and stimulate job growth. He also leads the programming and speaker recruitment for our internationally-recognized GLOBE Series, and researches and writes for our GLOBE-Net Environmental News website. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria and a Diploma of Technology in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship from the BC Institute of Technology. Previous employment experience includes research positions with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Royal British Columbia Museum, and work as a SCUBA dive biologist on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. But he missed the BC ski slopes too much, so he returned to Vancouver.

Photo of Mark Heilig
Mark Heilig
Director, International Relations

Mark joined GLOBE in early 2013 and brings over 15 years of experience in international relations, business development and operations management to the team.

As a west coast local, Mark’s passion for international business has taken him around the globe, working and traveling throughout Africa, Europe and Latin America, before finally settling back in Vancouver.  He has worked on numerous domestic and international projects for a variety of clients and industries, including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the organic food industry, the telecom sector and the Ghanaian Ministry of Trade. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of BC, as well as a Certificate in Internet Marketing.  Our secret language Ninja, he is fluent in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. When he’s not too busy liaising across multiple time zones and hemispheres with our domestic and offshore client base, Mark enjoys spending his time outdoors, hiking the trails of Vancouver’s North Shore or mountain biking on the local Gulf Islands.

Photo of Pat Row
Pat Row
Account Executive

For most environmental technology companies in Canada, Pat requires no introduction. If you have a phone number, Pat will call it. If you have an email address, Pat will email it. She has served as our fearless and tireless Canadian Exhibit Sales Representative for the GLOBE Series since the beginning of time (we might be exaggerating, but you get the picture). Never forgetting a name and not once showing up at the office lacking her sunny disposition, Pat’s charm, humour and genuine good nature have made her a driving force and invaluable member of our sales team.

Photo of Trish Maisonville
Trish Maisonville
Operations Director

Trish’s area of expertise is running in high heels and she’s really mastered it in the 20 years that she’s been involved in the GLOBE series of events. As Operations Director for the GLOBE Series, Trish figures out how to make John’s vision play out in real life – from coffee breaks to plenary set ups, gala events to trade fair floorplans. A few years ago, Trish got bored with logistics and added exhibit sales (US market) to her GLOBE duties. Having studied  economics at Concordia University and worked as a Realtor in Montreal,  Trish brings a no-nonsense “bottom line” approach to her work (and can “parlez vous” quite respectably as well). Her idea of a fun pastime almost always involves a spread sheet … poor thing.

Photo of John Neate
John Neate
President, GLOBE Performance Solutions

John is a recognized leader in developing and managing strategies for change, mobilizing resources and creating positive alliances. He has extensive experience in delivering technology performance validation and verification services in Canada and internationally. He spearheaded the creation of GLOBE Performance Solutions, the delivery agent for the Canadian ETV Program, and its Canada-wide Consortium of technology testing organizations. With over 35 years’ management experience in innovative service delivery and technology development, deployment and value creation, John works closely with the private sector and governments at all levels in water, energy and clean technology.