Founded in 2007, the Green Table Network is a not-for-profit organization managed by the GLOBE Group, that is dedicated to bringing sustainability strategies and greener business practices to the restaurant and food service industry. Today, over 100 operations across British Columbia (and beyond) have joined the Green Table Network and discovered the many benefits, from bottom-line cost savings to increased  customer loyalty, that flow from having a sustainability plan.

Green Table Network is our labour of love – a partnership with the most forward-thinking, innovative food and beverage providers and their suppliers around. We believe that by working together, we can create change in the industry and create a hub consisting of the best quality and tastiest food available. Food with a purpose. With BC serving as ground zero, our plan is to take Green Table across the country, and across the continent, to affect change on a wide scale.

A key way in which Green Table will help sustainability in the food services industry thrive and grow in future is to invest back into our community. A percentage of our profit therefore goes to scholarships and grants designed to do just that.

Imagine a world where the food is healthier, tastier, and the local community is thriving. And you can make a difference simply by your choice of restaurant or food provider. That is the world of  Green Table Network.

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